A Fast Fully Octave Convolutional Neural Network for Document Image Segmentation

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The Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) are worldwide practices to online customer identification based on personal identification documents, similarity and liveness checking, and proof of address. To answer the basic regulation question: are you whom you say you are? The customer needs to upload valid identification documents (ID). This task imposes some computational challenges since these documents are diverse, may present different and complex backgrounds, some occlusion, partial rotation, poor quality, or damage. Advanced text and document segmentation algorithms were used to process the ID images. In this context, we investigated a method based on U-Net to detect the document edges and text regions in ID images. Besides the promising results on image segmentation, the U-Net based approach is computationally expensive for a real application, since the image segmentation is a customer device task. We propose a model optimization based on Octave Convolutions to qualify the method to situations where storage, processing, and time resources are limited, such as in mobile and robotic applications. We conducted the evaluation experiments in two new datasets CDPhotoDataset and DTDDataset, which are composed of real ID images of Brazilian documents. Our results showed that the proposed models are efficient to document segmentation tasks and portable.


David Macêdo, PhD
David Macêdo, PhD
Deep Learning

My interests include everything related to deep learning.